"Warehousing of pre auction teas affiliated to Calcutta Tea Traders Association"

Tea Packaging Services

We are engaged in providing services for tea packaging services that includes bulk packaging and flavoring of tea, tea bag and packet tea, tea export and tea packaging services.


Tea Packaging

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We hold expertise in meeting the complete process demands of Tea Packaging. Our group of workmen keep pace with machines and work through lines of de-lidded chests pouring teas into hopper leading to tea cleaning system. Further, they also ensure that teas emerging from treatment it is purged of foreign particles and is ready for the packaging process. We can offer packaging in polypouch, chestlet, soft pack, carton, and special gift pack and other packaging options as demanded by the customers. Further, the goods may be palletized/unpalletized, and stretch wrapped if required.


Bulk Packaging And Flavoring Of Tea

Great work has been done in enhancing the moisture free packaging & flavoring technology that makes it possible to create nearly any variety of packaging & flavored tea as demanded by the customers. Flavored tea is the name given generally for tea that has additional flavor in it when brewed.

We offer Bulk Packaging and Flavoring Services of Tea. We can flavor any type of tea be it black or green of all origins, qualities and grades. Our expertise lies in creating a wide variety of tea packaging including box pack/tea bags as well as tea blends including both classic and flavored including use of special grades for extraction & tea bag production.


Tea Bag And Packet Tea

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We offer services for Tea Packet Manufacturing. Here our production technicians help in maintaining close monitoring of the operations and processes. Consistently maintaining a controlled environment, we ensure similar quality is delivered batch after batch. Some of the popular packaging we can handle includes:

Tea Bags

  • String and Tag Bags (with or without envelope): Weights of 1.5 to 2.5 gms
  • Pot or Float Bags (with 4 sides heat sealed): Weights of 1.8 to 3.5 gms
  • Jumbo Bags (with 4 sides heat sealed) Weights of 10 to 20 gms

Tea Bulk 

We also hold expertise in packaging tea in cartons, trays, chestlets. Further, while packing, we make use of inner liners like aluminum foil, poly or paper that are made available as required by the clients. Further, in addition to over-wrapping of primary pack, we can also offer secondary packaging options that include shrink wrapping, palletization as well as stretch wrapping handling


Tea Export

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Our expertise lies in offering Tea for Export. In the business of Handling & Packing tea for over five decades, we employ many people directly & indirectly in Kolkata sites allow us to successfully meet the tea export demands of leading processing houses. Our expertise in handling the services demands of cultivation, processing, trading as well as final packaging of the processed tea also ensures the quality standards delivered meet the tastes of our overseas clients.