About Us
"Warehousing of pre auction teas affiliated to Calcutta Tea Traders Association"

Established at Kolkata, West Bengal, India, we “Tewari Warehousing Co. Pvt. Ltd,” are in the business of Handling & Packing tea for over five decades. Employing a large number of people directly & indirectly in Kolkata sites, the services offered by us include Warehousing Services for Tea, Logistics Services for Tea, Bulk Packaging and Flavoring of Tea, Tea Packet Manufacturing, Packaging Services for Tea and Tea Export. Indirectly, our organization is also into manufacturing of Tea Bag Threads, Staple wires and Bags.
Our business operations are led by Mr. Manoj Tewari, who has with him extensive experience in this field of operations. His experienced guidance provided in the involved business operations assist us in understanding and meeting the specific service demands of our customers. We are also into the manufacturing of Tea Bag, Sachets, big bags, Pouches as well as in the Blending of Teas. Today, our work experience includes working in Kolkata for leading Business Houses like Tata Tea, Hindustan Unilever, Global Exports (Aditya Birla Group), ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Bhansali, Girnar, just to name a few. Other than this, we are also associated for years as business partners due to consistent deliveries to our commitments. Further, we also have the capability & proven expertise in our Movement of Tea post Auctions, Storage, Blending and Packing right from simple hand packing to using more sophisticated Constanta & IMA tea Bag machines.


Our Belief

We strongly believe in the adage - there is no “I” in the word TEAM but there is an “I” in WIN.

Ethics and Value System

We have our concern ethics and value system - that has made us confident and competent to thrive in any location in India in the relevant business of Tea production.

Tea Exports

Tea is one of the most refreshing as well as popular beverages, with India being one the largest Tea producers, exporters and consumers in the world. Being of the finest quality, Indian tea is being cultivated in high ranges of Northern & Southern India. With best quality tea being CTC and Orthodox Assam Tea, the overall consumption is above 600 Million kgs per year. With markets consisting of both Leaf and Dust Teas in CTC & Orthodox Grades, these have also been considerable rise in domestic production & export figures since past few years.

Products Offered

In the business of Handling & Packing tea for over five decades, we as a company employ many people directly & indirectly in Kolkata sites so as to successfully meet the Tea Processing requirements of leading business houses. These include Tata Tea, Hindustan Unilever, Global Exports (Aditya Birla Group), Bhansali, ITC, Girnar and others. Other than this, we are also into manufacturing of Tea Bag, Sachets, Pouches, big bags, blending of Teas.

We are presently offering services for:

Warehousing Services for Tea Logistics Services for Tea
Bulk Packaging and Flavoring of Tea Tea Packet Manufacturing
Packaging Services for Tea Tea Export

Our Business Activities & Specialization

We feel it is our great pleasure to share with clients our passion for good Indian Tea.

Today, functioning as a vibrant organization, our in-depth understanding of the processing of tea lies in the skills of trade we learnt while handling the services as tea professionals. Our activities in the tea area include handling the services demands of cultivation, processing, trading as well as final packaging of the processed tea. The back-end support provided by leading tea estates, blending units, warehouses and packaging facilities also makes us exploit our knowledge in delivering exceptional end quality in the processed tea.

With clients comprising of most well known & respected tea companies, the business of blended teas has always remained the key area of our specialization. Our perfect understanding of international markets also enables us to successfully offer blends that are particularly suited to the tea lovers based all across the world. Further, we also have considerable experience in successfully matching tea standards that are often sent by our buyers. Our expertise in blending field also makes it possible for us to maintain quality of tea standards in deliveries made by us throughout the year.

Our Team & Technical Expertise

We represent a mature, knowledgeable & comprehensive mix of professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and collectively work towards achieving our corporate vision of delivering best quality tea available worldwide. With effective management as well as labor welfare being intrinsic to our systems, our technical expertise including having hands–on professionals from multi organization backgrounds has also helped us to make a name of ourselves in our area of operations..

Our Clients

Successfully understanding and meeting the business requirements of Handling & Packing tea for over five decades, our expertise in offering services towards delivering quality processed tea has helped us to establish a firm presence in our area of operations.

We are presently operating from Kolkata for leading Business Houses like:

  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Tata Tea
  • Global Exports (Aditya Birla Group)
  • ITC
  • Bhansali
  • Girnar

Why Us?

Some of the factors that distinguish our services from the rest include: Over five decades of industry experience Being open to change with time that includes continual updating of processes so as to keep pace with emerging processed tea requirements of the industry Our customers appreciate transparency in our dealings We make sustained efforts towards being customer centric that has also been the pivot of our togetherness Indirectly, associated with manufacturing of Staple wires, Tea Bag Threads and Bags Also in the manufacturing of Sachets, Tea Bag, Big Bags, Pouches and in the Blending of Teas Expertise in serving leading Business Houses like Hindustan Unilever, Tata Tea, Global Exports (Aditya Birla Group), Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Bhansali and Girnar


We strive to break the mold. We believe thinking "outside the box" leads to innovation.


We make our customers our first priority. We do everything possible to keep them satisfied.


We have created an open work environment, one that welcomes people from all backgrounds and traditions.


We want to work smarter instead of harder. We look for ways to make the best use of time and resources.


We support the introduction of new ideas and procedures to increase efficiency.


We uphold the highest standards of conduct in dealing with our co-workers, our clients, and the community.


We allow management and department heads to give strong and supportive guidance. We encourage employees to take on leadership roles.


We expect our associates to work at the peak of their abilities. We strive as a company to work at the most productive level possible.


We are geared toward meeting our maximum capacity for providing the best quality products and services. We work to achieve the highest efficiency.


We provide the best caliber products and services.


We know people feel valued when they are shown consideration. We believe each employee has the right to work in an environment of mutual respect.


We believe reaching our goals is the true measure of achievement. We believe the success of each employee means success for the company.


We accomplish more together than any one person alone can. We encourage alliances between individuals and departments to keep the organization functioning well as a whole.


We believe keeping our staff current on the latest developments is essential to growth. We support continued on-the-job and off-site training.


We see beyond the successes of today. We look at the big picture, anticipate change, and adapt.